Hello! I’m Kate.

I believe that making art together is a powerful way for women to open their hearts to real, vibrant community. 

Making strong friendships with women used to be very difficult for me. When I started public high school after being homeschooled, I felt like an outsider entering a foreign culture. For the next ten years or so, I felt like I was always on the lookout for “my” people - women that were like me, who had what I needed. Women that met all my requirements seemed few and far between.  

When my first daughter was born, everything changed. Motherhood, for me, was intense, unrelenting, and I suddenly looked at every woman in a completely new way. Every mother has lived this. Waiting for my perfect friend suddenly looked ridiculous in this newborn mommy landscape, where we fought like soldiers for food and sleep.  All these women were my kind of people. I didn’t care if I smiled too much or made dorky jokes or whether we had similar hobbies. All I knew is that this was the hardest thing I had ever done, and I didn’t care anymore. We needed each other. When I stopped measuring each woman by what she could offer me, and instead looked for the beauty in the person that she was, I realized what I had been missing. 

When it comes to art - I’ve always loved creating things with my hands. This past year, I’ve started teaching a group of friends how to work with clay, and I started to see something unexpected. Many of these women didn’t know each other, but as they shaped the colorful clay, conversation flowed easily. We laughed quickly and bumped shoulders looking at each other’s work. The art was fun, but it was a launch pad for so much more connection.

I believe that every woman is worthy of love and acceptance. I follow Jesus, who unrelentingly pursued the lonely and the left out, and I want to continue in His example. My strengths are teaching, encouraging, and creating culture, and my mission is to provide inspiration, tools, and coaching to women who want to create the community they crave.

I would love for you to join me as I grow this idea and this movement. You can read more on the blog as I write about creative community. If you'd like to try making art and making friends, you can purchase a craft kit, gather some women, and experience the magic yourself!

Let's get started!