Meet a Craft Group Leader...Jenn Gordon!

As we approach 2019, my mission is to ignite your imagination of what it would be like to gather some women around your table and craft pretty things and friendships together! I’d love to introduce you to some of the women who are currently leading craft groups - so let’s begin the new series…Meet a Craft Group Leader!

Let me introduce you to Jenn - she’s been leading her group for almost a year, and she’s an incredible women with a huge heart for mamas and community!

Jenn Gordon pic.jpeg

* Tell us a little bit about YOU and what makes you light up! 
I love being a mom and everything that goes with that. Helping other moms reach their breastfeeding goals is a passion of mine. I also like to blog every once in a while.

* Why did you decide to start a craft group?
Being a stay at home mom can be lonely sometimes. I had been looking for an excuse to get a bunch of ladies together at my house, and that’s when I saw a Craft a Community post in the local Facebook mom group!

* What is your dream for the women you've been crafting with?
My dream is that all of the women I craft with are able to reach each of their goals.

* What has been the most surprising part of leading a group?
How simple it is! I have zero crafting talent, and all of the crafts we’ve done so far have been easy for me to figure it out. I was a little intimidated at first, but we always have a great, stress-free time!

* What's your favorite way to self care?
Honestly, I don’t set aside much time for myself. My self care is usually just a shower a few times a week while my husband spends time with the little ones. 

* If ladies want to connect with you, where else can we find you online?
I blog over at

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jenn!