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We were made

to live in community.

We need women who can give us a hug, make us laugh, dry our tears, watch our kids, and make us lasagna. Instead, we often hurry from task to task, wishing we had more time to spend with good friends, doing things we love. We crave a tribe, and yet, it seems so hard to find. But friendship isn't something you find; it's something you make.

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the truth is...

YOU have the unique power to step up, step out, and lead the women around you into community. And, it's a blast!

You invite the women, 

and I'll send you a complete craft kit, perfect for any skill level - thoughtfully curated to encourage conversation!

Gathering in your home is easy, cozy, and perfect for real talk

I'll send you ideas for conversation starters, encouragement for taking the risk to invite, and support from my own experience hosting countless groups of women to gather and craft. 

Perfect for a mom's night out, a women's ministry event, or a church small group - open a craft kit at your kitchen table is MAGIC. 

Wondering how you can cover the cost of the kit?

Send a text, FB message, or print an pretty paper invite and explain: "Let's hang out and craft together! I found a kit that includes everything - and it's only $10 a person, and we'll all get to take a ________(flower pot, terrarium, etc!) home!" Asking your ladies to pitch in helps them honor their commitment to show up. Sometimes, it's hard for women to say "yes" to something just for them...and investing upfront helps them keep the event a priority!


    "Do I have do a lot of prep work?"

    NOPE! Make sure your kitchen table is clear, buy a big bag of chips and a jar of salsa - or wine and chocolate, depending on your vibe, and open the box. 

    Absolutely no prep required. No scrolling through Pinterest. No writing lists. No running from store to store assembling materials. 

    Just open the box!

    "What If I'm Not Artsy?"

    Every single craft has been rigorously field tested with some of the most delightful and art-challenged friends you'd ever hope to meet. Zero talent required - I promise! All the crafts are designed to be fun for everyone from the most basic skill level to a professional artist. You'll get a simple design to copy if you need to start small, but there will be plenty of room for creative liberties if you're ready to branch out! No Pinterest fails. Guaranteed.


    Helps the body, mind, and soul! Crafting helps ease anxiety, combats depression, and reduces stress. If you end up with extra supplies, use them for solo crafting or gifts!

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    Even better...

    Host a craft night every month!

    If you're really looking to create a thriving community, meet each month for a new craft!

    The craft nights serve as a foundation for learning about each other, spending time together, volunteering together, and eventually, becoming an incredible group of friends.

    If you commit to meeting together for 9 months (the same amount of time it takes to make a baby!), you'll walk together through struggles, joys, and the daily grind of life. Relationships will develop naturally as you get to know each other, first through chit chat and then through intentional sharing. 

    And, if you subscribe to receive a new kit each month for 9 months, you'll receive a discount!

    Although we had moved from out of state two years prior, I still wasn’t feeling settled. While my husband was making home here with his new job and community of co-workers, I was feeling disconnected and longed to be back home where we left our family and close friends. That longing birthed in me a prayer - I began praying, “God, take us home, or make this home.” During that time, a new friend reached out and told me about something she saw on Facebook - a local group called Craft A Community and it was all about making friends by making art. I was immediately hooked. Not knowing the creator of the group or anyone signed up, I decided it was worth taking a small risk. I can’t tell you how much this group has meant to me the past several months. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve gained confidence in who I am and in where I fit here. Craft A Community has played a major part in God answering that prayer He placed on my heart months ago - He’s made this home. And I’m reminded of that every time I dry my hands on the shibori towel hanging in my kitchen and see the beautiful macrame wall hanging I’ve placed above my desk - two of the many amazing crafts we made that I never would have taken the time to make on my own. I am forever grateful for Craft A Community and I can’t wait to keep making things with my tribe in the fall!”
    — Meredith