Last year, I started a craft group with 12 women. The idea was to hang out regularly, make some fun crafts, and spark some friendships. You guys - IT WORKED. So well, in fact, that we've shared laughter, some tears, birthday parties, casseroles, babies, losses, and just LIFE. This first group will be continuing on together this coming fall - since they liked each other so much - and I'll be starting a brand new group, from scratch, in September.

If you're local to the Schaumburg, area, I would LOVE to have you join MY brand new craft group! Wondering if you'd be a good fit?

Do you often feel: 

  • Excited about the possibility of finding women you can do life with
  • Lonely and wish you were part of a tight knit tribe like so many other women seem to be 
  • Anxious meeting new people because small talk can be so awkward and painful 
  • Frustrated that you can’t seem to find the kind of women you “just click with” 
  • Stuck in the same rut and looking for something just for you 
  • Discouraged about how to move from acquaintance to “real friend” 
  • Confused about the logistics of friendship - when do you hang out? Where? What do you do?

If you show up, take some risks, and keep your heart open, I promise you will find an amazing group of women. A few are already signed up!

Here’s how it works! 

  • We’ll meet monthly to make a craft that is simple, adorable and USEFUL! 
  • I’ll have all the materials ready to go, and we'll make together! 
  • Every new month will be an adventure - you’ll be good at some things, and other things might be a challenge. I promise that we will have a ton of fun, probably make some big messes, and laugh a LOT - no artistic experience or ability required. 
  • Each month, we’ll ask and answer some questions to help us get to know one another better as we craft. 
  • Outside of our monthly craft meeting, we’ll have other opportunities to meet up, and a monthly challenge to help encourage us to connect with each other. 
  • Instead of a one-time class, the group runs from September 2018 - May 2019.


Materials cost of $10 per meeting - with 9 meetings, it's a total of $90. Or, if you want to pay in one installment, it's only $80! 


Dates: 9/11; 10/9; 11/13; 12/11; 1/8; 2/12; 3/12; 4/9; 5/14

Time: 7:30 pm

First Meeting: 9/11

Where: My house!

Nursing babies always welcome :-)