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Have you ever wished you could find an amazing tribe? A sisterhood of women who will envelope you, welcome you with open arms, and you’ll fit right into their rhythm without missing a beat? It’s a beautiful idea. 

Here’s the problem – that’s not really a thing. Instead, we need to change the words we use when we talk about community. 



I believe that the best, the deepest, the longest lasting, the most “ride or die” friendships are made, not found. 


What’s the difference? Finding means that you stumble upon something – maybe by accident - that someone else has created. Making means that you are part of the creative process yourself. 

Though making is currently a hip term used to describe artsy craftsy things, it doesn’t just apply to art. The truth is, even if you’re not an artsy person, you are a maker too. We make our families, our careers, our dinners, and our relationships. Making means that you have your hands in every stage of the project. It means that you experience each step of the process, and you take the time to do it properly. It means you get to witness each high point and each low moment. 

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My mission is to help you learn the "how to" of making friends. 

I've been told so many times - "You're just really outgoing. You're just really extroverted. You're just really good at making friends." 

None of those things are 100% true. I do like being around people, and I do make conversation easily, but it's because I have been practicing, and I've learned what works. Making friends is no different than any other skill – once you understand the "how" and the "why" to the steps, it's so, so much easier!   

I'll walk you through the steps from identifying where to find potential friends, how to make small talk count, how to transition to "hanging out" for the first time, and then how to deepen your relationships.

There will be action steps for you to begin TODAY, and I promise that if you stay open and courageous, it can absolutely change your life.

Let's do it!!!! 

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