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Love the idea of Building a Tribe?

Maybe you've been looking for your people, and you're tired from the search. You're ready to try something different - to stand up, take a risk, and put yourself out there. You know there are other women around you who crave community too - but you're not sure how to start.

Crafting community takes practice and patience, but it is also fun - and really beautiful. 

Real, vibrant friendship can be sparked by time spent together - laughing, talking, and making something pretty.

What if there was a simple way to get started?

Gathering together to make a fun craft is the perfect way to launch new relationships. It's light; it's fun; and keeping everyone's hands busy is a great way to take a bit of the awkwardness out of small talk.

So...what kind of craft? Should you have icebreaker questions? Assigned seats? How should you invite people? Who should you invite? Will it take a lot of planning? What if you're not a "crafty" person? 

Here's where I can help! I've created a step-by-step guide for you to throw your own "Make-A-Friend Ornament Party"! It's like I'll be right by your shoulder giving you tips, inspiration, and a super, fool-proof craft tutorial that will fun for any ability level! Rather than spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, sweating over details like how to spark conversation, and stressing about how to invite guests without sounding weird - you can put your focus on the women themselves, and begin to craft your community!

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Want to know more details?

I've spent the time scouring the internet for super simple, yet super trendy craft ideas that anyone can do - so no guess-work for you! I've done the prototypes and the testing, and I had to get through a few duds before I landed on these gorgeous metallic ornaments! I've spent years leading and hosting groups and parties designed to connect people - and my trial and error is your gain! All you have to do is follow the directions and experience the real magic of creating a space for creativity and friendship.

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What's included...

* Tips on who to invite

* Super simple craft tutorial - fun for veteran crafters or first timers. 

* Craft supply list (with links to order online)

* Supply cost under $10 a person

* Grocery store list

* Icebreaker

* Treat Idea

* Guidance with how to follow-up with new relationships

* Next steps to continue developing friendships


Want to try it out???